Getting started with the ancient art of Yoga

The concept of teaching yoga has skyrocketed in recent years. Presently there are many options available online to practice yoga. Yoga has a vast domain of various different types of yoga, and there are more than 100 forms of yoga in the world. If you’re looking for the best suitable options, Free online yoga classes for beginners is the best way to figure out which form of yoga is the best for you.

Most popular yoga forms taught online.
Let’s check out some of the most popular yoga forms available in free online yoga classes for beginners.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is derived from traditional hatha yoga. Sometimes Bikram yoga is also referred to as hot yoga. It is referred to as hot yoga because it is practised in temperature ranging from 35-40°C. Bikram yoga comprises 26 postures. These 26 postures are designed in a particular way that warms up and stretches every body’s muscle. Practising Bikram yoga helps in detoxifying the body and building more strength and endurance.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow form of yoga. This yoga works on the connective tissue, ligaments and tendons of the body. In this form of yoga, practitioners have to hold the postures for four to five minutes. While maintaining the pose, they have to concentrate on the breathing process. This form of yoga is suitable for both physical and mental health. Practising this form of yoga daily helps increases concentration, mental stability, and patience.

Sivananda Yoga
This form of yoga focuses on the path of spirituality with the help of meditation and breathwork. Sivananda yoga involves a few basic postures which aid in the respiratory problem or psychological disorders. This yoga practice is useful if you want to improve your lifestyle so that it has a positive impact on your life. This form of yoga is all about enhancing lifestyle and habits.

Hatha Yoga
It is one of the most ancient forms of yoga practice. Hatha yoga generally revolves around moral ethics, mediation, diet and full-body physical exercise. Practitioners have to be fully present at the moment and focus on each breath. Focusing and concentrating on each breath will help them to connect the mind-body and soul. Hatha yoga is a full-body workout that helps in reducing stress, anxiety and build strength and immunity.

Vinyasa Yoga
This form of yoga impacts overall strength and flexibility. Vinyasa yoga demands to follow a specific breathing pattern while smoothly flowing from one posture to another. It is today’s modern kind of yoga, and it has its techniques and poses. There is a continuous stretch of muscles which helps in strengthening the muscles quickly. It is also suitable for your cardiovascular health.

Kundalini Yoga
This form of yoga also follows a spiritual path. Kundalini yoga involves stretching, posture, meditation and breathwork. Kundalini yoga follows a spiritual path that helps in more profound transformation and brings more awareness to one’s mind and body. This form of yoga is suitable for people who are undergoing stress and anxiety.

Yoga has been around for almost 5,000 years. It holds a very integral part of Indian history. It is a beautiful discipline aimed at uniting the body, mind, and soul. Yoga helps individuals find inner peace. In today’s time, yoga focuses on both mind and body and takes care of both. Yoga is linked with inner peace and mental stability and builds strength and endurance, anyone aiming to start a healthy lifestyle should start practising yoga. Joining free online yoga classes for beginners will be the best decision if anyone is interested in learning a yoga form.

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