News in the 21st Century

From printed news in the form of newspapers, newsletters, magazines, handouts and fliers to blogs, websites, videos and apps – till date, this century has seen so many changes in the way people consume news. With a mix of generations comes a mix in preference of media, too! Some like it the old fashioned way with newspapers and the others like to scroll through the internet to catch up on the latest happenings. Whatever it is, people are changing and along with that, so is the news industry and their ways of feeding news to the people. We’re seeing digital subscriptions, apps, blogs and so much more emerging and replacing conventional media. 

With about 60% of smartphones users in the world, the news industry has great potential to gain a bigger audience with varied interests in categories like movies, technology, business and weather.  Realising the harmful effect that new media has, news houses and companies everywhere have changed their business models to adapt to the digital climate of today. Millennials pose a whole new challenge! A study showed that they prefer catching up with the news via online platforms, and not conventional means like newspapers or television. Since engagement is everything, news apps are keeping each of their articles across categories short, quick and simple. We’ve come across so many apps that put all things news related in one place, for easy access. These apps also make sure that not even one news item exceeds 70 words! With the news being accessible and available in many languages other than English, apps like Shortpedia are perfect for today’s youngsters and it’s also a great way to get someone to start reading the news and stay updated. They also go the extra mile and make the news available in video and audio format! 


The Internet has so much to offer and we are so glad to see popular news houses like The Daily Mail, BBC World News, CNN and Times of India taking their spots in the form of websites and apps. With great features like being able to take articles offline and sharing with friends, we see so much growth coming in this space! So, there go your excuses to read the news right out the window! With the latest news on politics, sports, art and literature in the palm of your hands, there’s no reason why you should not stay updated!