Clear-cut methods for buy android app installs examined reviews-up in 2020

Apps have become an integral part of our lives today. From hotel booking to travel and from education to gaming, there’s always app for near about everything. Seeing from a smartphone users perspective, we have a lot of choices before us. Any function we want, there are already multiple of apps to choose from. All we have to do is compare and then start using an app. But things get complicated when you see things from a developers sight. 

Having a large number of apps in the app store might mean accessibility to us but for a developer, it is the reason why they need to work day and night to keep up with the ever increasing competition. Not only that, they have to regularly keep advertising and try out new approaches to increase people involvement and the total app installs. 

Buy Android App Store Installs

Android App reviews development is a tiresome task. It takes in a lot of hard work and determination in creating an app. The process is tiresome and the task does not end at submission. Once you submit your app, the real challenge begins.

Developing the app alone is not enough. Every developer comes with a common goal that is to make profits and to see their app in the top of the chart. It may sound simple but trust us, it is not an easy task. In this article we will help you understand the android market scenario and how to win an edge in the market. 

Inside the Android App Store

When a developer submits their app, that app is to compete in a market that is dominated by several other apps. There are some already established players and then there are many new apps entering the competition ground daily. In such a fierce zone, launching alone cannot make you a good player. To win the market, you need to have something exceptional. To stand out in the android app installs market, you need to have an extremely good quality and content. Apart from this, your app must have an appealing design and an innovative and easy accessible UI. 

What we mentioned above are the technical aspects of the app. There are the mandatory haves without which you cannot expect people to like your product. 

Winning App Store: The Basics 

Moving ahead of the technical aspects, if you wish your app to lead the charts then you need to have a good marketing strategy. A well planned advertisement plan can work wonders for your app. This is the game changing move. By targeting specific user who are likely to install your app and by successfully motivating them to try your app is the most important step. If you are successful in publicising your app and successfully immobilising audience, then you are already ahead in the competition of the apps. 

The tricky part of the App Store 

All of the above mentioned steps should be followed if one wants to see success. These steps sound good in paper and are effective too but when you come to real scenario, the process gets a bit tricky; especially for new apps. A new app does not have a user base and neither has a good name to begin its operation. Everything has to be started from scratch: even the user pool. Now, users do not want to download an app which is not having a good rating or a substantial number of downloads. Apart from that, new apps start very low in the chart and it is very tough for them to get visibility. In such a scenario how can any developer expect their app to perform well. 

The Solution? 

The solution is pretty straight forward. Get a good position in the chart. Sounds simple right? Well, not for real. For a new app, getting downloads is extremely difficult. The reason is a clear one. People do not know about your product. Even if you advertise enough, chances are low for your app to get downloads. In these cases, all your app needs is a little push.

Buy Android App Store Installs 

Yes, you heard it right. You can buy your android app installs. We know many of you would tell that it’s an unethical thing to do. Well, let us explain why this is a good step. As we said, it is extremely difficult for a new app to get downloads but this can be changed. If you buy app installs, your app downloads will increase. This will do two things. One: your app downloads increases which helps your app to move up the app chart. And second: more number of downloads improves your app’s good name. People start trusting your app and once your app visibility increases, you are set to move up and up the app store chart. 

How to buy android app installs

  • Freelancers: This is the most basic thing that can be done. By paying freelancers, you ask them to install your app and even provide app ratings and reviews for your app. The investment is low and the advantages are huge. Your app installs increase and so does your company name. 
  • App Review Sites: There are many app review websites which let you buy app installs. These app review sites have a large number of active user base who install your app and hence your organic app downloads increase. Be careful not to use bots for this purpose. Using bots may lead to removal of your app from the Play Store. 
  • Marketing Firms: Yes, there are many firms, which along with providing a marketing plan also increase your app downloads. They ask their user base to install your apps. The good part: every install is organic and genuine.  

These are some of the clear cut methods that can help increase your app installs. Now, you know how the Android App market works and how you can use buy  app installs to increase your app’s chances of success.