How do ASO Companies Optimize Your App

With 5 million apps on both, PlayStore and App Store, the app market is rapidly growing with apps. Given this massive population of apps, developers and creators face the problem of being visible or being discovered by potential users. When an app is invisible, it is very possible that it will be lost and forgotten. That would certainly be a waste of an app with a great idea! To avoid such a situation and to become discoverable to potential users, app creators have to consider optimizing their app. The best app store optimization company can offer their services to make your app visible to the right users to get downloads. This further leads to better rankings and visibility. Some more benefits of ASO services are – increased profits, the ability to overtake competing apps and stability.

Did you know that 65% of the apps are discovered by simply running an easy search on the app market? This makes app store optimization more important than ever! App optimization stresses on optimizing every little feature of your app to increase its visibility on the market. Although small features like app icon, title, description, screenshots and preview video seem unimpactful, they are crucial to nail as they are the first things viewers see. Also, they should be optimized because they can create a strong impression.

Before jumping into the features that are to be optimized, What are some of the features you need to optimize for better visibility? Let’s go through a list of all the elements of an app that you can optimize with the services of the best app store optimization company:

  • Title: after researching the relevant keywords for your app, it is important to use them in various elements of the app. Your app is optimized once you incorporate your top keywords in the title. This is a popular strategy used to make apps discoverable to viewers. Subtitle for iOS apps can also be optimized in a similar manner.
  • Icon: viewers decide whether your app is worth downloading based on its looks. And since the icon is one of the first things they see, it becomes an important element to nail. A simplistic and unique design for the icon is enough to catch the attention of casually scrolling viewers.
  • Description: here’s where that keyword research comes in handy! Putting all the features your app can offer and the keywords while drafting your app’s description can optimize it. Apart from involving keywords in the description, it must include all its features, instructions on how to use it in a convincing tone. A great description comes handy when the small percentage of viewers who actually read it are convinced to download it.
  • Category: based on the main features and functions of your app, you can categorize it accordingly. This makes it more discoverable and easy for viewers to find.
  • Screenshots: this section of the app page is like a small insight into what viewers can get out of your app. Since visuals are super important, it is important to optimize your app’s screenshots by choosing the best ones that show off the best features.
  • Preview video: also known as the demo video, this feature on the app page is a simple, short and interactive way of communicating with viewers and convincing them to download your app. The video can include the best features of your app, how people can use it and why they should download it.
  • Localization: a strategy often ignored by app creators, localization is used to expand the reach of apps and make it available in several languages, so that it caters to users all across the world. This is one of the best optimization services that can help an app developer target more users across seas.

And there we have it! These are the majority of the services that any best app store optimization company can provide you with to expand the reach of your app. It definitely takes a lot of experimenting and time to figure out the best ways to optimize your app, but do not be discouraged by that! The best thing you can do is trust the process of ASO and your downloads will hit the roof in no time!