The Future of Education – Extramarks – The Learning App

As said by one of the founding fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. This statement holds true even today. Our children are the future of this country which is why we would never want to compromise on their education. However, with times changing, is a restricted classroom space with redundant methods of teaching the only form of exposure we want our kids to have? Of course not.

The past couple of years has gifted us with a brand new avenue of learning – educational apps which assist with exam preparation and answering questions when a student is not in the classroom. Combing the longing for quality education along with the growing use of smartphone apps, the education space is undergoing a revolution, at the center of which is one Indian brand that strives to excel in providing an intuitive and on-the-go learning experience – Extramarks.

Extramarks stands out from competing for learning apps as it enables users to select content based on a specific exam, age group or grade level. Students can choose from dozens of free courses on various subjects from the K-12 spectrum. Staying true to their motto “learning made fun”, Extramarks – the Learning App comes fully equipped with AR, VR, Gamification, and latest graphics and animation techniques to turn mundane learning concepts into a rich, visual learning journey. Lastly, all material is aligned with NCERT standards making Extramarks an all in one NCERT solution app.

Extramarks for all Levels:

Taking things up a notch from the K-12 level, Extramarks also ventures into being the trusted companion to students preparing for multiple entrance examinations. JEE-Main and JEE-Advance are two such exams where students from all over the country wish to apply and master. Parents often invest heavily in expensive private coaching classes and the preparation for these exams can often be excruciating. Extramarks offers a cost effective solution which enables students to ace exams in an intuitive and engaging way. The IIT JEE Test Prep App by Extramarks looks to ease the mental stress thousands of students suffer from every year by providing a study companion. 

Extramarks also seeks to provide personal teaching assistants to the budding doctors of our nation. The NEET Test Prep App not only helps students practice for their medical entrance – NEET exam with curated study material. In addition, students may also avail copies of exam papers from the last 10 years! 

For all the students from the Commerce background feeling left out, Extramarks hasn’t forgotten the plight you face preparing for professional exams. The CA Foundation Test Prep App is catered to all the students making their journey into the world of Chartered Accountancy. The CA Foundation app comes with a complete syllabus coverage for all the four papers. Find mock tests and study planners to make sure you’re ready to take on your exams with full confidence. 

Test & Quizzes for Better Retention:

What sets Extramarks above various other study apps is its carefully planned test materials and quizzes to make sure the students have retained all that they have learned in the previous module. The quizzes enable you to check your progress and ensure students thoroughly grasp concepts. It also presents you with an informative screen displaying your progress from all the tests attempted in the past. This gives both parents as well as students a better understanding of their core strengths, weaknesses and areas where they can improve. The progress analytics comes in handy for students applying for some of the most competitive exams in the country like IIT-JEE or the AIIMS exam. To make learning even more interesting, Extramarks also gives you the option to challenge your friends to various tests and quizzes taking the fun of group studying to a whole new level.

Learning On-The-Go:

Extramarks provides a platform that encourages students to stay curious and learn not just within a confined space at a designated time, but anytime on-the-go. With a simplified log-in process, visually rich animation and in-depth progress tracking metrics, — treat your kid to a learning experience that’s advanced, challenging and engaging. Make learning fun again, download the Extramarks apps now.