App Store Optimization, Management and Maintenance

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and touch phones, the market for applications is growing and expanding, rapidly. With over 5 million apps in total, you are sure to find many apps serving the same purpose and many that are very similar in design and functioning. App store optimization is your road to standing out. Something that has been taken up many popular apps, ASO helps increase the visibility of an app and can also help it rank better. It follows many optimization procedures to attract more users to an app. After researching the blogs of the best app marketing companies and reading many articles on ASO, you can see that they basically cover its advantages and the various features of the app that can be optimized. In this one, we are going to cover the various ways you can manage and maintain your optimized app, to gather more users and even better visibility.

  1. Testing app updates: before releasing any update to your users, it’s important to test it several times to make sure it is perfect! Keep testing it till you get a seamless run through. The last thing you want is a negative review stating how pathetic the new update is or that there are too many bugs.
  2. Regular updates: It’s tough to make the perfect app in your first attempt but a way to reach that goal is by releasing newer and updated versions of the app. Your update can include improvements, it can introduce a new feature and you can even change the whole look with a single update. Sending out regular updates are necessary to stay at par with the changing requirements of your users and the latest technological advancements.
  3. Improving existing features: with technology changing so quickly, it is required that apps also keeping updating their features so they can be used when paired with new technology. Users also require them to work even better than the last update, so that means that app creators can not forget about their older features and give only the new features all the attention.
  4. Periodic analysis: this can help you understand where and how you are going wrong with your app maintenance. Analyzing the problems and issues faced on your app can help you change those things and make it more enjoyable for the people using the app. It can also show you other data related to your app like which features are most used, least used, which are not necessary for the app and so much more. With all this data in your hands, you can shape your app in a manner such that it attracts more users.
  5. Response to feedback: this is one tip you’ll receive from any of the best app marketing companies! The best way to keep your app fresh as well as retain your users is by taking their feedback positively and seriously. Suggestions and feedback give a clear idea as to what the app lacks or the areas that need improving. It can also give you an idea of what users are expecting, which can be later developed and added on the app.

The best app marketing companies can help any app grow quickly and increase their visibility in no time. But the hard part is where you will have to maintain and manage that after. Managing and maintaining your mobile app is a continuous process and it needs a lot of time and attention! It certainly is not something that happens overnight and requires days of testing and analyzing. Approaching app management and maintenance in a systematic and consistent manner can help you build a smooth and seamlessly functioning app.